Contributions for Vidyadana

This pious religious philosophy which was found and propounded by Jagadguru Srimanmadhwacharya was relentlessly propagated by Padmanabha Theertha and all other pontiffs. This was again cherished and further flourished by Sri Raghavendra Theertharu. Untiring effort were made by the pontiffs in the line age viz Sri Susheelendra Theertharu, Suyameendra Theertharu & Sri Sujayeendra Teertharu. Again they are made rich by Sri Sushameendra they are well supported and further nourished by the present pontiff Sri Suyateendra Theertha Swamiji for the benefit of this generations.

His Holiness 108 Sri Swamiji has planned the following steps for the pupils.

  • A recurring deposit of Rs. 500.00/- per month for the students of 1st to 5th classes.
  • A recurring deposit of Rs.1000.00/- per month will be deposited  from class 6 onwards. After completion of studies, interest along with the  sum will be passed on to the student.
  • Rs 1,00,000   for  Sudha Mangala and  Rs. 50,000  for Chandrika Mangala  is envisaged.
  • For further higher studies interested students will be sent to Varanasi and other educational centers and  expenditure will be borne by the Mutt.
  • For meritorious and talented pandits, job will be provided in the Mutt.

Sri Gurusarvabhouma Sanskrit Vidyapeetham imparted education to many people who after education became great scholars in Sanskrit, Vedas and Upanishads and Pourohitya. Besides this after completing the education they are being sent to various parts of the country to work as purohits and Lecturers.

Contributions made for Vidyadana are exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act.