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From the North

Here is a travel advisory for hundreds of devotees traveling from Eastern and Northern side of Karnataka. Normally devotees from these sides will travel to Mantralayam via Raichur and Madhavaram. If you are traveling by your own vehicles, you may consider the following ideas.

  • Devotees from Belagavi, Hubballi  & Koppala region : Avoid traveling via Lingasugur and Raichur. Make it through Hosapete, Bellary, Adoni and Madhavaram. (Arround 225 KMS)
  • Devotees starting from Bijapura, Bagalakote &  Jamakhandi region : Stop at Lingasugur and take a diversion towards Sindhanur and continue towards Dhadesugur, Shiruguppa, Hacholli, Koutalam and Madhavaram. That’s it. Unfortunately KSRTC does not run buses through this route. Hence it is suggested to make small groups of like minded fellows and travel by private vehicles. You might experience a little bit hazy , but no worries though. People across the route are very famous for hospitality. The famous padayatra communities do their Yatra by this route only. Distance between Sindhanur to Mantralaya in this way is 185-200 KMS Approx. It doesn’t make much difference in time if you travel like this.
  • Devotees initiating travel from Gulburga, Solapur and Hyderabad may simply sit in train and reach Mantralayam. It is the best way. Alternatively  they can travel till Raichur by bus/private vehicle and continue journey towards Mantralayam Via Yaragera, Aiji, Shantinagar. This road actually goes to Kurnool. So stop at Shantinagar and take diversion to right to proceed to a village called Rajoli. You may pay a visit to Moola Vrindavana of Sri Bhuvanendra Teertharu here. This village is situated on the bank of River Tungabhadra where a dam is constructed. Cross the dam by a bridge constructed over it, and travel reverse way parallel to the road that you traveled so far. From here Mantralayam is around 60 KMs. The entire travel is around 120 KMs but you can visit various Haridasa centers all the way.  As anonther option, Hyderabad devotees may come to Mantralayam directly via Kurnool and Yemmiganur. (Around 320 KMs)
  • Very short but risky way: Reach Madhavaram/Panchamukhi from Manavi/Raichur. Cross the river by ferry and reach Mantralayam. You may save your pocket but that involves risk as well.

Driving Routes

If you are coming to Mantralaya for the first time, or traveling with your own vehicle, then it would be advisable to print this document and have it with you for ready reference. The roads we have indicated below are the best and most popular ways of reaching Mantralaya. However, it is possible that due to exigencies of weather and other factors beyond our control, the road may be unsuitable at some point in time. Our intention was to provide you with the shortest and safest way of reaching Mantralaya. If there are better routes available then please consult the local people and make your plan accordingly. If you have a comfortable trip with this new route then please let us know the details, we will publish that on this website for the benefit of other devotees.

Chennai> Chittoor > Cuddapah > Nandyaal > Kurnool > Yemminganooru > Mantralayam

# 1: Mumbai> Kolhapur > Miraj > Belgaum > Kittoor > Hubli > Gadag > Koppal > Hosapete > Bellary > Alooru > Adoni > Mantralayam
# 2: Mumbai > Sollapur > Bijapur > Lingasoogoor > Raichur > Mantralayam
# 3 : Mumbai > Sollapur > Gulbarga > Yadagiri > Raichur > Mantralayam

#1: Bengalooru > Hindupur > Ananthapur > Paththikonda > Adoni > Mantralayam
#2: Bengalooru > Chikkaballapur > Penugonda > Ananthapur > Paththikonda > Adoni > Mantralayam
#3: Bengalooru > Hindupur > Ananthapur > Guntakal > Alooru > Adoni > Mantralayam
#4: Bangalore > Tumakooru > Hiriyooru> Challakere > Ballary > Alooru > Adoni > Mantralayam

#1: Hyderabad > Shadnagar > Jeddacherla > Mahaboob Nagar > Devarakadra > Raichur > Mantralaya.
#2: Hyderabad > Shadnagar > Jeddacherla > Mahaboob Nagar > Gadwal > Naagaladinne > Mantralaya.

Road route: Karwar > Yellapur > Hubli > Gadag > Koppala > Hosapete > Ballary > Alooru > Adoni > Mantralayam
Train Route: Karwar > Alnavar > Londa > Hubli > Gadag > Koppal > Hosapete > Bellary > Guntakal > Adoni  > Mantralayam (Need to change train at Londa)

Road route #1 : Mangalore>Shivamoga>Honnali>Harihar>Harapanhalli>Kottur>Kudalgi>Sandur>Bellary> Alooru>Adoni>Mantralaya
Road route #2 : Mangalore > Shivamoga > Honnali > Harihar > Harapanhalli > Hagaribommanahalli > Hospet > Bellary > Alooru > Adoni > Mantralaya
Road route #3 : Mangalore > Teerthahalli > Shivmoga > Chennagiri > Holalkere > Chitradurga > Bellary > Alooru > Adoni > Mantralaya
Train Route: Mangalore > Hassan > Arasikere > Birur > Chikjajur > Guntakal > Adoni > Mantralayam (Need to change three four trains 🙁 )


Mantralaya is the last town in the Yemminganooru taluk of Kurnool distict in Andhra Pradesh. Once you cross the Tungabhadra river you are in Karnataka. There are direct buses connecting Mantralaya to most major towns and cities in Andhra and Karnataka.

The Time table is given here.

 Kustagi12.00, 14.00

Information provided above need not be latest/updated. KINDLY CHECK WITH KSRTC FOR CONFIRMATION.