Upcoming Projects


Parimala Teertha is a Pushkarini (Sacred pond) that carries Guru’s Teppotsava (raft procession). This beautiful Pushkarini is being built adjacent to the Tulasi garden that exist to offer Tulasi for Nitya pooja to Moola Rama as well as Rayaru. This project is in its final stage and once its completed raft procession Teppotsava will be offered to Gururajaru on daily basis.


(Ambulance & Trauma Services)
Keeping in mind the construction of a hospital the Matha will be planning to have 4 fully-equipped ambulances soon. The matha has planned to see that the vehicles would be operational for full 24 hours in a day. This service would be free keeping in mind the economically challengerd people.


(Exclusive guest houses for Physically Challenged)
Chetana Enclave will be a group of guest houses specially designed for physically challenged. Currently Mantralaya has limited facilities for physically challenged in the rooms for the tourists. In the future the matha will be building fully equipped guest houses not only to provide them with more facilities but also to reduce their dependence on others. Comfortable seats, wheelchairs, washrooms and also vehicles to transport them to the Matha will be provided.


(Augmentation of Drinking Water)
As per the wishes of Sri Swamiji’s Guru, the already built Vyasa Theertha water reservoir is doing a good job in providing water for the whole Mantralaya town. In 2013 this facility was extended to places in and around Bellary by Shri Suyateendra Theertharu. Now as per the wishes of his Guru the current Peetadhipathi Sri Subhudendra Theertha is planning to extend the same to a several areas of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh also including surrounding villages.


(Protection of Cows)
The present Goshala is sheltering over 900 cows. Sri Subhudendra Theertha had already commenced the task of upgrading this Goshala in all respects. Equal importance will be given in the protection of non-milkable cows and milkable cows at our Goshala without descretion.


The Raghavendra Swamy Matha is well known for book publications. The books published by Shrimatha are more than any other religious institution. This task is highly essential to continue the existence of the Sanatana Dharma. Sri Subhudendra Theertha would add more value and continue this noble work. There have been plans of getting rare and old manuscripts and they would be researched and published and made to reach the readers. There is a research center set up for this purpose and it will be developed further.


(Marriage halls at subsidized prices)*

Marriage halls will be constructed at various places where the Matha has its branches for the use of devotees who are economically backward. The pricing of the halls will be affordable. This will help people living under hardship. Facilities would be made for Paurohitya and hosting of the marriage in deserving cases for families whose economic condition is extremely challenged.

(* Conditions Apply)


(Adopting students/schools)
Under this Vidyavaridhi plan, students who are from poor economical background and schools who are in socially remote places would be adopted by the Matha. This plan would be effective in stopping the denial of good quality of education in rural areas. Students would be chosen and then adopted by the Matha till the student reaches the college level. Also schools in socially backward areas would be adopted by the Matha. All necessary facilities and equipments will be provided to such schools. This would indeed make it attractive for students to come to the schools from the surrounding areas.


(Water resource and rain water harvesting)
One important life saving resource in the world which is fast disappearing is water. Preservation of water is the need of the hour. Sri Subhudendra Theertha Swamiji has planned for projects in rainwater harvesting and protection of interior water resources in and around Mantralaya to avoid this major problem in future. Rain water harvesting will be compulsorily done at the Matha and all its branches.


Sri Raghavendra Teertha Gurusarvabhouma is wellknown for His mercyfulness and compassion. He himself will come in form of Mrittika where ever His devotees give him humble call. Hundreds of Mrittika Vrindavana established at nooks and corners of India which are providing platoform for spiritual needs of millions of devotess. H.H. Sri Swamiji has decided to further strengthen the same by establishing branches of Mantralaya Matha at various places of India. The required efforts will be initiated very soon at the following places.

  • Gaya
  • Prayag
  • Kashi
  • Haridwar
  • Kurukshetra
  • Pushkar
  • Ahmedabad and
  • Khargar (Navi Mumbai)

The present branch Matha at Jogeswari is under reconstruction. New and huge complex of Sri Raghavendra Matha will be soon completed at this place.

Also Srimatha has under taken construction of big Kalyana Mantapa and Dormetary atTirumala branch.These complexes will provide clean and descent transit accommodation for the pilgrims who rush to Tirumala.


Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha stands at the place of a pioneer when it comes to publication of ancient literature. The Matha has a rich resource centre for such studies. A full fledged reserch center is functioning for the past sevaral decades. His Holiness Sri Swamiji is intending to upgrade this research centre with latest technology that enables conserving ancient manuscripts. Devotees may offer us old manuscripts if they find them unattended. The Srimata will take proper care of the same and publish.


swarnamantapaAlmighty Supreme Lord Sri Moolarama will be soon receiving Suvarna Matapa. Yes! His Holiness 108 Sri Suyateendra Teertha Sripadangalavaru has taken an oath of offering Sri Moolarama a gem studded Golden Mantapa. Already there are Vajra Mantapa, Swarna Simhasana and other valuable jewelries for Sri Moolarama, however, this is going to be another precious item added to Lord’s antique treasury.

On the auspicious occasion of Sri Rayara 340th Aradhana, His Holiness Sri Sripadangalavaru announced the details his holy project. This Mantapa will be created with an approximate  of 14 KGs of pure gold. Interested devotees may offer their contributions to this Mantapa. Since Sri Gurugalu wants to give opportunity to each and every one to participate in this, the Matha accepts even 1 gram of gold (or equal amount of cash)
Those who contribute Rs. 1,00,000/- and above, will get a privilege of free accommodation for 30+* days at Mantralayam.
* Kindly contact the below address for more details.
Office of Additional Aptakaryadarshi
Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt
Mantralayam 518 345
Ph : 08512-279429/279848



An incarnation of Prahaladaraja Shri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhouma who is like the wish fulfilling cow Kamadhenu to his devotees converted Manchaali village – the land of spiritual aspirants at the banks of the Tungabhadra River to Mantralaya. He had performed a sacrificial ceremony at this very place in his previous birth and entered into the Vrindavana alive at the same spot and continues to bless those who repose faith in him even to this day.

Shri Rayaru was an epitome of paramount virtuousness. With the inspiration of Shri Gururaja, His Holiness Shri Shri Suyateendra Theertha Shripaadangalavaru has undertaken a commitment to rebuild the sanctum sanctorum of Shri Rayaru completely to create a covered stone structure with pillars in ancient architectural style. The estimated cost of this construction is about Ten crore rupees.

Just as Lord Shri Rama despite being capable himself, gave the squirrel an opportunity to participate in the construction of the bridge and bestowed his grace upon it, similarly, though Shri Matha is capable of constructing this stone pavilion, both the Swamiji’s wish to present the unique opportunity to all the devotees to make a contribution towards this project and be blessed.

Abiding by the directive of his Guru, the successor of Shri Matha His Holiness Shri Subudhendra Theertha Shripaadangalavaru has taken over the leadership of this enormous project.

We welcome everyone to take part in this service and be blessed.


  • The value of each of the stone slab that will be used in the construction of this structure is estimated to be Rs.5000/-. Every stone slab used in the construction of the interior enclosure around the Vrindavana may be sponsored by devotees.
  • Each stone slab donated by the devotee will be offered only after taking their names in the Sankalpa. A devotee may donate any number of stone slabs.
  • Every donor will receive a commemorative memento from His Holiness Shripaadangal along with his blessings.

After constructing and offering the Stone Mandap to Shri Gururaja, the surplus funds thus accrued will be utilized for the new building construction of Shri Gurusarvabhouma Samskruta Vidya Peetha; another residence of Shri Gururaja.

“The golden opportunity to participate in the restructuring of Gururaja’s shrine doesn’t come again and again. Come, participate, be blessed. “The less fortunate cannot gain access to his service.”



  • Contributions may be sent through Cheque / DD / M.O to the following address

The Manager, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha
Mantralayam – 518 345 Andhra Pradesh

  • Cash donations will be accepted only through our Authorized representatives or at the Donation Counters at Mantralayam.
  • Online funds may be transferred to the account given below.

Syndicate Bank, Mantralayam
Name: Shilamantapa Account: No. 33982200017846
IFSC : SYNB0003398

State Bank of India, Mantralayam
Name: Shiladana Account: No. 33604498267
IFSC : SBIN0002755

  • This donation is eligible for tax concession under Section 80G of Income Tax act.


Office of H.H. Sri Swamiji : 08512-279429
The Manager : 08512-279888
Public Relations Officers : 08512 279700 / 279498
Web Page : www.raghavendramutt.org/shiladana
Email : shiladana@raghavendramutt.org


All the above projects are very important to bring an eternal solution for ongoing growth of Mantralaya kshetra. Therefore this is an appeal to all the devotes to be a part of these various holy projects. Your donations will be accepted whole heartedly and will be reciprocated with acknowledgement and Prasadam also with the blessings of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji and the present peetadipathi H.H. Sri Subudhendra Teertha Swamiji.

Please visit Mantralaya Kshetra to seek the eternal blessings of Sri Rayaru and H.H. Sri Swamji.

Contributions may be sent to the following address through Cheque /DD/M.O.


Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha,

Mantralayam – 518 345 . Andhra Pradesh

Online funds may be transferred to the account given below.

1. Construction of 300 rooms

Account No : 11296401106

IFSC Code : SBIN0002755

Bank Name : State Bank of India, Mantralayam

2. Shila Mantapa

Account: No. 33982200017846

IFSC Code : SYNB0003398

Bank Name: Syndicate Bank, Mantralayam

3. Gurukula

Account No. 11296401128

IFSC Code : SBIN0002755

Bank Name : State Bank of India, Mantralayam

4. Construction of Kalyana Mantapa, Pilgrim Rooms & Dormitory at Tirumala

Account No. 10172399740

IFSC Code : SBIN0002800

Bank Name : State Bank of India, Tirumala


Apart from the above projects, Srimatha accepts donations for Annadana, Vidyadana and Godana also. All donations for the above projects are exempted under section 80G of Income Tax Act

Important To Note

We have not authorized any person/agencies/trust to collect any kind of donation referred to above. All donations to be made online shall be credited to respective bank accounts mentioned above. The donations will also be accepted in kind/cash/cheque in mutt prakara and official receipt will be given by the mutt administration.

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