History of Sri Vyasatatvajna Teertharu – Part 3/n

Rayaru’s style of consolidating siddhantha (Brahmasootra – Adhikarna 16)
September 3, 2020
Sri Raghavendra Mangalashtaka
September 6, 2020

History of Sri Vyasatatvajna Teertharu – Part 3/n

Continued from Part 2

Mukhyapraana Darshana to the disciples:

Shri Ieji Acharya used to perform bhajans and compose keertanas in front of the lord every evening. It is believed that there were some disciples who were disinterested to partake in bhajans and harinaama sankeertanas. Shri Ieji Acharya invoked Lord Shri Mukhyapraana (Anjaneya) and paved way to the disciples getting convinced of the power in harinaamasankeertanas by making them have darshana of Shri Mukhyapraana thereafter which the section of disciples never indulged in becoming restless and always partook in the bhajans and harinaama sankeertanas with utmost devotion.

Brahmarathotsava halt and initiation by Shri Ieji Venkataramacharya:

As we saw earlier, Shri Ieji Venkataramacharya used to perform Nyaaya Sudhaa Mangalas at Tirumala during Adhika Maasa Brahmotsavam. Whenever Acharya visited Tirumala Shrinivasa, he took care that the sacred surroundings of the seven hills were never polluted and hence adhering to the same, Ieji Acharya always used to complete bodily rituals in Tirupati itself. He then used to take bath at Kapila Teertha thereafter climbing the sacred Tirumala hills to obtain darshana of the Lord. He then used to perform Nitya Agnihotra kaarya-pooja japa taapanushthaanam and other spiritual austerities at Swami Pushkarini.
On one such occasion, Ieji Acharya and his disciples had finished the aahneeka at Swami Pushkarini and were ready to witness the Brahmarathotsava during the arunodaya kaalam of Vijayadashami. Just as the Brahmaratha was about to start, Ieji Acharya underwent bodily discharge symptoms. Acharya contemplated that he will have to miss Shri Malayappa swami’s ratharoodha(chariot) darshana and started descent towards Tirupati to complete the dehabaadhegalu (bodily rituals).  Acharya completed the same, took bath in Kapila Teertha and started the ascent again towards the Tirumala Hill. Meanwhile, the Brahmaratha (Brahma built Chariot) had stopped and was not proceeding further despite the huge crowd pulling efforts. The Mahant(administrator) of the temple thought that some devotees might have had unfulfilled vows and announced to devotees around the chariot to pray that they will fulfil the same. Despite this, the chariot didn’t move an inch. Finally, Lord Shrinivasa himself transmigrated into a young brahmachari and announced in front of mahant – “Shri Ieji Acharya has not had my Brahmarathotsava darshana. Summon Shri Acharya for the same”. The Mahant was astonished at the affection the Lord had for his devotees. Immediately, the Mahant announced through his officers to summon Shri Ieji Acharya. The officers started announcing throughout the Tirumala hills: “Shri Ieji Acharya – you are summoned by the Lord”. Upon hearing the same, Acharya who was climbing the holy hills was awestruck at the bhaktavaatsalya of the Lord and immediately proceeded towards the Brahmaratha. The Mahant received Shri Ieji Acharya with all the honours and requested Acharya to do Mangalaarati to Shri Malayappa Swami manifested inside the Brahmaratha. However, the Chariot still refused to move. Shri Ieji Acharya instantly composed a hari naama sankeertana with utmost devotion: “Yaatarava naanallavo hari baride khyaatiyanu tanditteyaa………………………….…..vaasudeva vitthala karuni neenendu leshavariye karuniso devaa“.Ieji Acharya does aatmakhandana through this kruti and offers himself at the lotus feet of the Lord. The Chariot moves once vaasudeva vithala karuna neenendu(Ankita)is recited by Shri Acharya. “Keertim svargaphalamaahuhu” – Thus, the affection showered by Kripasindhu Lord Shri Shrinivasa gave darshana and keerti(fame) to his devotee Ieji Shri Venkataramacharya. All the devotees of Shreenivasa including the Mahant who were witness to the miracle showered praise towards Shri Ieji Acharya. Shri Ieji Acharya then completed the Nyaaya Sudha Mangala Mahotsava and other spiritual austerities and proceeded towards Mantralayam.

Mukhyaprana Pratishtapana at Mantralayam:

Shri Ieji Acharya was now a renowned and a famed jnaani thanks to the affection showered by Lord Shri Shrinivasa. Shri Ieji Acharya with his disciples entered Shri Gururaja’s abode, Mantralayam. He was welcomed with great honours and respects from the Archakas and other Vaidikas at Mantralayam. Shri Ieji Acharya then consecrated Shri Mukhyapraana near the Moola Brindavanam of Shri Raghavendra Teertharu. It is still worshipped by the Moola Brindavana Archakas and the peethadhipatis. Usually, it is kept in the south west side of the Moola Brindavanam and can be seen only when viewed from close proximity. Shri Ieji Acharya has composed many Stotras and krutis on Shri Gururajaru out of which the below is noteworthy:

Shree Raghavendra tavacharanam bhajaami |
sharanaagatajana bhavataranam || # ||

shree sudheendra karakanja sambhavam |
sudhaamshumukha samstuta bhaaveebhavam || 1 ||

paavana varamantralaya sadanam |
patitapaavanam jitamadanam || 2 ||

vaasudeva kavisannutacharanam |
moolaraama varakarunaabharanam || 3 ||

Mudumali Desai physique rejuvenation and bhoo daanam:

As Shri Ieji Acharya and his disciples undertook extensive travel to spread the tenets of Dwaita philosophy, he reached Mudumali. Mudumali Desai welcomed Shri Acharya and his disciples and invited him to stay there for few days. After the daily spiritual austerities, Shri Acharya whilst having teertha prasadam enquired as to whereabouts of Desai as he was absent during the teertha prasadam. Desai had developed chronic stomach upset and was unable to eat any solid food since many days. Shri Ieji Acharya observed this and asked desai to drink the incantated water (abhimantrita udaka). Acharya asked desai to have the praanagnihotra offering in parts. In a week’s time, desai recovered completely and was back to normalcy. As a token of respect, Mudumali Desai offered the lands(bhoo danam) that he had obtained from Prime Minister Chandulal of Hyderabad Nizam. The lands included present kottapalli and other jagirs. In total, there were around 4000 acres of land gifted to Shri Ieji Acharya. The entire jagir was abolished after the Jagirs and land reforms act was formed in the Independent India.

There is a special piece of land in between Kharabdinni and Eeralagaddi villages in Manvi Taluk. Whenever Shri Ieji Acharya passed through this place, he used to remember the yajnas and yaagas done in his previous birth. He used to halt there to perform spiritual austerities through nityagnihotra, japatapanushthaana, yajna etc. and then proceed towards his sanchaara. There is a four-sided deck constructed in memory of the same. Presently, the villagers believe that circumambulation of the deck cures them of the incurable diseases including poisonous snake bite etc.

to be continued…

Pushkar Parthakudi
Pushkar Parthakudi
Divangata (Late) Shri Ieji Shreenivasacharya is a Shiromani scholar from Shri Venkateshwara Oriental Research Institute, Tirupati. He is anuvamshika in Ieji Acharya's lineage.He served as an Adhyapaka at Shri Gurusarvabhouma Vidyapeetha. The translation is carried out by the author's maternal grandson Shri Pushkara Parthakudi, Bengaluru

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