History of Sri Vyasatatvajna Teertharu – Part 5/n

Rayaru’s kindness knows no bounds or boundaries
September 24, 2020
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ಜೀಯಾ ನೀನಲ್ಲದೆ, ಇನ್ನಾರು ಕಾಯ್ವರೋ
September 26, 2020

History of Sri Vyasatatvajna Teertharu – Part 5/n

Continued from Part 4


Upon the advice of Shree Daasappa Daasaru, Shri Ieji Acharya entered the third phase of the four ashrams i.e., Vaanaprasthashrama. Vaanaprasthashrama, as the name suggests essentially involves living in a forest. Shelter must be made of the leaves and woodstock should obtained from the forest itself. Food intake shall be very limited in the form of lumpy vegetables and one who undertakes this should have rigorous sensory suppression. These qualities were imbibed already in Shri Ieji Acharya. His strive for renunciation of materialistic pleasures was testament to him entering Vaanaprasthashrama. Shri Acharya chose an island on the banks of the Tungabhadra river to complete the rigorous austerities of the Vaanaprasthashrama The following verses from Shri Vyaasatattwajna Karavalambana stotra describes his Vaanaprasthashrama period :

naanaaghabhangivanaraajitakolajaatadveepe palaashakritasadmanivaasanityam |
saagne mahishthavara aaranamantrapaathatattvajna teertha mama dehi karavaalambam ||
shaapaapahaaramukhasadgunaratnapoornashreepopalabdhishubhapooritapushkalaamsha |
shreepadmanaabhashubhapushkaradugdhasindhotattvajna teertha mama dehi karavaalambam ||

In the aforementioned Vyaasatattwajna teertha karavalambana stotra authored by Vidwan Chincholi Krishnacharya, it is stated that Shri Ieji Acharya stayed in a hut made of Palasha teak leaves and woodstock (commonly known as patravali leaves). Shri Acharya practised rigorous austerities like nityaagnihotra and japatapaanushthaana during this period. Shri Acharya also taught Aaaranyakopanishat to many students during the Vaanaprasthashrama period. His food intake included root and lumpy vegetables such as sweet potato etc. It is said that since he was a nityaagnihotri, he performed the Vaanaprasthashrama with his consort. During the said period, Lord Shri Padmanabha gave Shri Acharya his blessings and darshan.

to be continued…

Pushkar Parthakudi
Pushkar Parthakudi
Divangata (Late) Shri Ieji Shreenivasacharya is a Shiromani scholar from Shri Venkateshwara Oriental Research Institute, Tirupati. He is anuvamshika in Ieji Acharya's lineage.He served as an Adhyapaka at Shri Gurusarvabhouma Vidyapeetha. The translation is carried out by the author's maternal grandson Shri Pushkara Parthakudi, Bengaluru


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