Rayaru’s visit to Udupi

Rayaru guides the seeker
August 10, 2020
History of Sri Vyasatatvajna Teertharu – Part 1/n
August 12, 2020

Rayaru’s visit to Udupi

The swamiji further proceeded to Udupi. He camped at the same Mutt which his Paramaguru Sri Vijayeendratheertha had earlier received as gift. The darshan of Lord Krishna he had was blissful. He sat still before the Lord immersed in divinity as if his soul had sloughed off the worldly consciousness. Extolled the Lord dancing and singing in exaltation. That saintly soul of supreme attainment, who had the Lord’s manifestation in many forms, had profound devotion in Lord Krishna. It was for this reason that Kaliyuga saw his incarnation. It is the very same Lord he worshipped in his previous incarnation. Even in the present incarnation, though he had been worshiping Moolarama, his mind cogitated on Lord Murali Manohara whenever he was in meditation. So, he sang the praise of Lord with his Ankita as Venugopala. His mind filled with tranquillity when he had the darshan of Lord Krishna. He had a feeling of comfort that a child gets on the lap of its mother. He set off to writing books, the primary task of his incarnation. Goddess Vidyalakshmi had ordained that writing commentary on Chandrika was most essential. Accordingly he began to write the book‘ Prakasha’ as commentary on Chandrika. But it remained unfinished.Thinking that it is better to explain the meaning of Sootras easily and impressively before explaining the Chandrika, the traditional form of commentary on Brahma Sootras, the swamiji compiled ‘Tantradeepika’ explaining the import of Brahma Sootras. This became a book expounding the meaning of each Sootra in detail. But it is Nyayamukthavali that unfolds in a majestic style the summary in discourse form of the aspects cited in Adhikaranas. This was written after Tantradeepika. After completing these two books, the swamiji wrote Parimala for Sudha and completed Chandrika Prakasha and dedicated all these books to Lord Krishna, the deity of absolute worship of Acharya.

By that time, the spring season in Shobhakrit Samvatsara(A.D.1663) was nearing. The swamiji decided that Mahabhisheka of Moolarama on the day of ensuing Ramanavami should be celebrated in the precincts of Lord Krishna only. Special preparations were made. The Mahabhisheka was celebrated in all fervour and geity at Lord Krishna’s temple itself. All those who witnessed the celebration were elated. The swamiji experienced an ecstatic bliss.The proximity of Lord Krishna that swamiji had was divinely inspiring.He dedicated all these to Lord Krishna. By then the swamiji had discoursed on Chandrika ten times. This should be considered as a unique yagna. Thus many a momentous incident in the life of swamiji did occur at Udupi. It was a tearful experience for swamiji to leave that place. It was indeed Lord Narahari whom he as Prahlada had been worshipping in HariVarsha, and now Lord Moolarama but whenever he closes his eyes does the grand spectacle of Lord Krishna treat his inner vision.Therefore swamiji himself made a gold idol of Kadagolu Krishna as a token of the memory of winsome Lord Krishna of Udupi and began worshipping it. Even today it adorns the Mutt gloriously.

The above matter presented to the reader is an extract from the book Madhvacharya’s Lineage  “GURU CHARITE”  written by Dr. H.K Vedavyasacharya

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