Sri Raghavendra Mangalashtaka
September 6, 2020
Purusha Sukta – Part 4
September 7, 2020


Sri Appannacharya, in his Raghavendra Stotra, describes Rayaru as a scholar amongst scholars,ie; it takes great proficiency for scholars to truly understand Rayaru’s skill & intellectual prowess (which we can see today in the works he has left behind).

Knowing about and appreciating Rayaru’s works(granthagalu) is an easy path to receiving his blessings. With this intention, Sri MoolaRaghupati Sandesha plans to share short ten minute introductory talks by Vid. Vadirajacharya from Mantralayam, on a daily basis.

Stay tuned. Stay blessed.

Mukopi yat prasadena mukunda shayanayate !


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