|| Sriman Moola Ramo Vijayate ||
|| Sri Gururajo Vijayate ||

Sree Raghavendra Swamy, the great mystic saint is the 17th descendant in the lineage of Sri Madhwacharya, is the exponent of Dwaitha philosophy. He is an incarnation of Bhakta Prahalada, who while entering into "Samadhi" alive in 1671 A.D. assured his devotees of his beneficence for the next 700 years. Since then, Countless devotees have been the recipients of his grace and benediction. Sri Raghavendra Theertha – the patron Saint at Mantralayam is verily the Wishing tree (Kalpa Vruksha), the divine cow (Kamadhenu) and the divine Jewel (chintamani), all in one, fulfilling the righteous desires of all who visit Mantralayam and pray for his benign benevolence.

Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha owns a very big Go-Shala named KAMADHENU GOSHALA. Stretching around 20 acres of land (Cow yard) at the outskirts of Mantralayam, this GoShala shelters several Milking and non-milking cows here.


Kind attention to all devotees visiting Mantralayam

  • Cancellation or refund is not allowed

  • Devotee is allowed to book a maximum of two rooms per login ID per month.

  • Devotee will have a 2-hour grace period after check-in time mentioned during booking to complete the check-in.

  • Rooms will not be allotted to single person(as per police instructions) Such bookings will be cancelled and amount will not be refunded

  • All rooms can accommodate two adults.

  • No extra bed or bedding will be provided

  • All rooms are housed in different blocks within a distance of about 300mtrs from matha

  • The devotees may book the rooms 60 days in advance and atleast minimum 3days in advance
  • Please make sure you're in traditional Indian dresses while visiting Mantralaya for Seva

  • If for whatever reason, you're unable to visit mantralayam on the day of seva, archakas will perform seva sankalpa with details furnished by you during Seva booking

  • Prasada for kanakamahapooja and above will be couriered

  • Please note seva timings : Panchamrutha Abhisheka Starts At 7:00 AM, Padapooja Starts At 7.45 A.M, Bangaru Pallaki Seva Starts At 9.30 A.M, Evening Rathosava Sevas Starts At 7.30 P.M
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