|| Sriman Moola Ramo Vijayate ||
|| Sri Gururajo Vijayate ||


These idols got through Naraharithirtha and worshipped by Acharya are very ancient, popularly known as "Chaturyugamurthis". There are references about their glorious past in Vasistha Ramayana, Adhyatma Ramyana and Markandeya Purana. Both of these idols are very beautiful. Any pious soul that takes a darshan of these cannot but have profound devotion aroused. On seeing the idol of Sri Moola Rama an Archaeological official has expressed his bewilderment at the meticulousness of its form,beauty, ancientness. Sri Jaganathadasa in one of his kirthanas has narrated history of these Idols in the same cronolgy as has been done by Sri Vadindrathirtha in "Sri Raghavendra-matha-gatharchagathi-krama", a book authored by him. Sri Vijayadasa has composed the separate Suladi depicting the events leading to the possession of these idols.

Chathurmukha Brahma rejoices in worshipping God in different ways.These idols were made by Vishwakarma as ordained by Chathurmukha Brahma for the purpose of daily pooja. After worshipping them for a long time, Chathurmukha Brahma handed over to Jabalamuni for the benefit of the world. They were then worshipped by Shiva and Parvathi, who handed them over to Dakshaprajeshwara. The Saint Soubhari worshipped these idols which once again reched to Sathyaloka. Vyvaswan then earned these idols through penance from whom they reached the hands of his son Vyvaswatha Manu. King Ikshvaku of Surya dynastymade this idols as his kuladevathas and worshipped them.His descendents in the dynasty, Mandhatha, Anaranya, Thrishanku, Harischandra, Sagara, Bhageertha, Ambareesha, Dilipa and other emperors also worshipped these idols. Then the emperor Dasharatha worshipped them with great devotion.He named his eldest son Rama after tha name of tha idol which became known as "Moolarama" from then onwards. Sri Rama, Sithadevi, Laxmana and Jambavantha worshipped the idols of Moola Sitha Rama. Then Lord Rama gave these idols for worship to one Vedagarbha, his devotee who was longing for the darshan of the Lord. After worshipping them for some years, Vedagarbha returned them to Sri Rama. Then for the period from Thretha-yuga to Dwapara-yuga, these Idols were worshipped by Hanumantha. When Bhimasena met Hanumantha in the course of his search for Sougandhikapushpa. Hanumantha gave these idols to Bhimasena and advised him to continue them in his next incarnation as Sri Madhwa in Kaliyuga.

Then Pandavas and all the rulers upto Kshemaka worshipped these idols before they reached the treasury of Gajapathi, the Kalinga ruler. Thus, it is needless to say how immense the divine presence is in the idols worshipped by such great souls.when the truth प्रतिमायन्तु सान्निध्य्म् अर्चकस्य तपोबलात्। is analysed, it is only appropriate to consider these idols as the real Lord keeping in mind particularly the fact that they were worshipped by none other than Laxmi and Narayana, the supreme spirit of the universe, Brahma and by Vayu in all his three incarnations. It can be so said here लोहवद्रुयते हरिः। as शिलावद्रुयते हरिः।I said in Tirupathi. Those who merely touch such sacred idols are the righteous and the vortuous. Puranas quote that the worshippers of these idols are above human and "Amshapurushas". The very darshan of the aslant Lord Rama with drooping ears on a round base is magnificent. There is no doubt about just a darshan of a Lord purging us of the heap of our sins.Only to worship this idol, Vyasamuni became Raghavendra, Vibhudhendra-Vijayeendra, Jithamitra-Sudheendra. In the opinion of the jnanis anyone who worships this idol in Yathyasharma is certain to attain salvation. It can be definitely said that the Almighty has blessed this world with this idol for emancipation of his devotees in an age beset with sin. Sri Moola rama even today has enshrined Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, the original samsthana of Acharya.


A list of deities who worshiped Sri Moola Ramadevaru before Sri Madhvacharya:

  • Sri Brahma
  • Jabali Maharshi
  • Maha Rudra
  • Daksha Prajapati
  • Parvati
  • Saubhari Maharshi
  • Sri Brahma
  • Sri Brahma
  • Surya
  • Vaivasvata Manu
  • Ikshvaku
  • Mandhata
  • Trishankala
  • Avaranya
  • Harishchandra
  • Aja
  • Dasharatha
  • Lord Sri Rama
  • Lakshmana
  • Grutsnamada
  • Hanuman
  • Bhimasena
  • Draupadi
  • Parikshita
  • Janamejaya
  • Kshemaka
  • Vishnuvarma

Vishnuvarma was the prime minister of Kshemaka. He gave these icons to Gajapati Dynasty of Orissa


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