SRSMATHA, Mantralayam
Sri Raghavendra Guruvaibhavotsava - 2024 - INVITATION
Dear devotees and disciples of Sri Mutt:
It is our privilege to announce the grand celebration of "Sri Raghavendra Guruvaibhavotsava - 2024" scheduled to take place from March 11th to March 16th, 2024. This auspicious occasion will feature  Sri Rayara Paduka Pattabhisheka on March 12th, 2024, followed by the Vardhanti Mahotsava(Birth Day)  on March 16th, 2024.
Throughout these significant days, several religious rituals, esteemed awards ceremonies, vibrant cultural programs, and much more will take place. We are happy to extend our invitation to all the devotees and disciples of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt - Mantralayam to participate in this occasion and get blessed by Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu.