SRSMATHA, Mantralayam
Sri Padmanabha Teerthara Madhyaradana - 11.12.2023
The 700th Aradhana Mahotsava of Sri Padmanabha Teertharu - Madhyaradhana unfolded today in a splendid manner at Navabrundavana Gadde. His Holiness Sri Swamiji orchestrated a grand Maha Abhisheka ceremony for Sri Padmanabha Teerthara Moola Brundavana, followed by the reverent Sri Brahma Kararchita Moola Ramadevara pooja. Subsequently, His Holiness performed a graceful pushpa vrusti, showering floral offerings upon the sacred Moola Brundavana of Sri Padmanabha Teertharu and Sri Jayateerthara Moola Brundavana. The panoramic view of Sri Padmanabha Teerthara's Moola Brundavana became truly spectacular after the adorned floral decorations. A multitude of devotees and disciples participated in this auspicious occasion, receiving the sacred teertha prasadam and blessings.