SRSMATHA, Mantralayam
Tungaarati - 2023
On the auspicious occasion of Kartika Shuddha Pournami, Tungaarati (Punya Nadi Harati), a divine ceremony took place on the serene banks of the River Tungabhadra at Mantralayam today. The revered H.H. Sri Swamiji proceeded to the riverbanks alongside Sri Prahalladarajara utsava in a grand procession, presiding over the sacred event and performing the Tungaharati. Following the completion of the Tungarati, Jwala Thoranam and deepotsavam was conducted in the sacred prakaram of Sri Mutt. A multitude of devotees and disciples participated in this event. H.H. Sri Swamiji blessed everyone with anugraha sandesha.